“For me it was like jumping into cold water…but I love the sea and I’ve been spending a lot of summers there since my childhood”

Schaufling, autumn 2014


Dear valued customer,

sometimes you’ve just got to be lucky!



Just like me, when I had the honor to take over the company from the founder, long-time owner and pioneer in terms of marine cosmetics, Mrs. Erika Bauer in Mai 2012. For me it was like jumping into cold water… but I love the sea and I’ve been spending a lot of summers there since my childhood. For this reason it did not take me long to relate to marine cosmetics. Furthermore, it is very joyful to give people a feeling of well-being and to make them feel beautiful. Hence my first swimming exercises in the area of marine cosmetics were really pleasant – just like a summer at the sea!


DALTON is a precious pearl among the brands of professional cosmetics.  With its broad range of products, its fine formulations – designed for the different skin types – and its comprehensive treatment concept for beauty institutes, our brand offers unique textures and treatments for the beauty and well-being of women.


This success obviously did not grow overnight. For nearly four decades Mrs. Erika Bauer worked hard on her dream to make marine substances useable for beauty purposes. I applaud her for this achievement and promise that I will continue in this manner.  In the first two years of my new function I invested a lot of effort and time in research and development projects. You may already know the first results; and for 2015, I can already announce further exciting and “beautiful” news.


We will remain true to these values on our journey and will continue using high quality, sustainably obtained and natural marine ingredients as well as developing efficient but compatible formulations. Moreover we will carry on producing our products to the highest German standards.


At the same time we are working on more projects to make the brand even more attractive for you. Some products are already making an impression with new packaging; others will be redesigned during the coming year. A lot of new brochures are already available, pending ones will be provided to you as soon as possible. All in all I hope that we managed to inform you better about current developments with our new newsletter format. Likewise, we are continuously working to improve our service performance. At this point I would like to emphasize that we are always looking forward to receiving new suggestions and ideas under qualitaet@dalton-cosmetics.de. I’m personally involved in this topic and I will make sure improvements happen and that you receive a prompt reply to your suggestions and questions!


With great pleasure I’d like to emphasize once again that we are now able to offer you also the color cosmetics brand named nee MAKE-UP MILANO. Through the co-operation with the Milan trend-setting brand we succeeded presenting you this unique product range exclusively for Germany.  The combination of sophisticated design, brand new trends and high product quality caused a storm of enthusiasm. However, convince yourself… Please click on nee MAKE UP MILANO to find out more.


For now I wish you a lot of fun browsing our new homepage and I sincerely invite you to visit us more often as we continue to improve DALTON at a fast pace. I promise!


Yours sincerely,


Albrecht von Alvensleben

Albrecht von Alvensleben was working in leading positions for various international companies before he took over DALTON COSMETICS GERMANY GmbH as managing shareholder. Among other positions, he was heading the operations of Süd-Chemie AG’s (nowadays Clariant AG) regional business holding based out of Singapore for the Asian region. Mr. von Alvensleben holds a diploma in economics of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich and owns an MBA from Georgetown University, Washington D.C.