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we did not set ourselves an easy goal: We want to be the world’s leading brand in the area of professional marine cosmetics.  An ambitious task which requires high quality standards, scientific curiosity as well as keeping traditional values alive. Since its establishment nearly four decades ago, the brand DALTON has advanced from being a pioneer to become one of the leaders in the area of marine cosmetics. In order to meet high demands and expectations in future we will continue to do our best and invest to our maximum in order to achieve improvements continuously.

Meereskosmetik Cosmeceuticals
Exclusive Marine Cosmetics


All our products and treatments are part of a care concept, developed for special skin types. We attach a lot of importance to the choice of our marine ingredients, which are of natural origin and cultivated in a sustainable way – according to our principles to ensure the preservation of marine biodiversity in the long run. During the development process we pay particular attention to the tolerability of our skin care and its maximum efficiency. For DALTON a professional consulting by a beautician is extremely valuable in order to recommend the optimal care for your individual skin needs.

Continuing improvements


To get the best long-term results, we have to work on improving constantly. We analyze the latest results of international research and development regularly, we continuously search for the best ingredients and we employ a network of experts to gain access to the latest developments and trends. We count on safe and compatible preservation systems and refuse to use critically discussed substances like parabens and paraffins for our new developments.

High standards


Based on nearly 40 years of experience we have established high standards along the whole supply chain, ensuring a constant high quality of products. On the basis of handpicked raw materials, our products are produced in Germany using the most modern process technology, according to the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP). For an optimal application result, our products are tested intensively by experienced employees, professional beauticians and selected end consumers.

Best service


To complete the experience, we have to provide the best service! We are working persistently to optimize our processes and the communication with beauticians and end consumers as well as our order management and delivery service. We aim to make our brand even more attractive; further improvements are being realized as you read this.






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